Worked on series UX illustrations projects, which includes a book, UX slide decks, poster designs, customer journey map, and UX storyboards.

Produced 80+ UX illustratioNS for Design Studio book

Brian Sullivan asked me to produce over 80 illustrations for his upcoming book called The Design Studio Method, which comes out in June 2015. The illustrations walk people step-by-step through design studios, a collaborative UX sketching method.

ux sketching.jpg
J. Schuh and I collaborated on over 80 illustrations. One illustration lead to a happy accident, where his interpretation of my very poor sketch ended up in the book. I wrote a new section because of Jā€™s illustration.
— Brian Sullivan, Director of Research and User Testing at Tonic 3

Designed UX Characters FOR Design Studio Book

In the Design Studio book, Brian Sullivan (the author) wrote a chapter on the different roles in a design studio.  I created high-level personas using a sketching style that goes with the overall theme of UX sketching for the book.   

Design Studio Heroes.PNG

We used these character designs throughout the book to show the collaborative nature of design studios.

Design storyboards for BIG DATA COmpany VIDEOS

I created several storyboards to help key stakeholders envision the videos they wanted me to produce to showcase their products. I wrote the script, designed the motion graphics, and hired voice talent. But, it all started with the storyboards. 

Created customer Journey Map for UX methods Book

Brian Sullivan and I created a customer journey map for an upcoming UX methods book by Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Executive Director of World Usability Day.  We mapped out the customer journey map for people entering Big Design Conference on the first day.

DesignED Logo and Made a Motion graphic

I performed a logo design using Adobe Photoshop for a training company. This company wanted me to make the logo into a motion graphic using Adobe After Effects. The motion graphic was used in 60 training videos.

Developed Slick Visuals for Popular SxSW presentations

I created several popular presentations for SxSW in the last few years.  Design Like Da Vinci: Sketching Secrets of Leonardo would be presented in Hall A.  It now has over 229,000 views on Slideshare.

After the success of Design Like Da Vinci, Brian Sullivan asked me to do a direct follow-up called Produce Like Picasso.  I presented this talk with Brian Sullivan at SxSW 2014.