Healthcare Overview

Worked with an international company to redesign their tablet app. The key goal was to create an intuitive site to help nurses with call response time. The home page had KPIs, which had not been defined previously.


Design Studios

Performed a series of design studio workshops to gather requirements with key stakeholders, included chief nursing officers, marketing, development, quality assurance, and customer support.  The design studios were done for the Home page and Reports page.

ux sketching.jpg
I had the pleasure of working with J on a UX design project. He’s a strong collaborator that brings keen insights and great conceptual ideas to the table, making the product really impress the client. If you want to know just how knowledgeable he is in the UX and Multimedia communities, simply go see him at any one of his many public speaking events throughout the year.
— Mark Gilpin, Interaction Designer

interactive prototype

Based upon the final sketches from the design studios, I created an interactive prototype using Adobe Muse.  I used this prototype in customer interviews to better understand the main KPIs for the nurses and their supervisors.


usability Test plan

The tablet app is classified as medical device by the FDA, so it needs to be 510K compliant.  I developed a usability test plan to ensure the app wold be FDA compliant:

  1. Conduct Customer Interviews: Need to determine main information needs for main KPIs
  2. Perform Information Architecture: Home and Reports pages needs additional IA work (navigation, error messages, KPIs)
  3. Create a Site Map: Need to create a site map for a very information dense app
  4. Perform a Rapid Iterative Testing Evaluation (RITE): Use interactive prototype to rapidly build the design with 20 customers
  5. Create a Style Guide: Need to create a style guide for KPIs, consistency, and branding
  6. Usability Testing: Create a baseline to collect usability metrics to improve future designs