Gaming Overview

Developed a series of video games, which have been spotlighted on FOX and Comedy Central. Created some video games used to educate children and people with cognitive disabilities.

children's video Game

Created character design, sound effects, and animation for a children's video game, which taught pre-schoolers how to use a computer. The core challenge was these children did not know how to read, so the instructions had to be solely audio-visual.

ux sketching.jpg
J. Schuh is a creative asset for multimedia projects that require innovative animations to help enforce business and application objectives. He handled everything we could throw at him with our extremely strict time-frames. He made sure he asked the right questions to make sure our expectations were met. His concepts and deliverables were innovative and professional.
— Brian Darnell, eLearning Specialist at Fidelity Investments

Designed game for the EPA

Designed a simple game for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help people learn about solar radiation.  The video game had to be simple enough for small children from ages of 3-5 and grandparents, who are not technically savvy.