Brilliance: Understanding the Creative Mind

I wrote my book based on working with hundreds of creative professionals and teaching hundreds of creative college students for over 15 years in Dallas, Texas. To my surprise, teaching young creatives is a secret passion of mine.


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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Bennett Litwin and J. Schuh crafted a wondreful reading experience. You enjoy looking at the quotes, reading the stories, taking quizzes, seeing the comments, and more. It is a creative book desgined by creatives.
— Brian Sullivan, Director of Research and User Testing at Tonic 3
Easy to read and insightful book that will guide creative people to successful outcomes. It is also the perfect book to understand family and friends that operate in the creative realm. This book was engaging, easy to understand and entertaining.
— Jason Moat, Amazon Reviewer
This book helps put things that may be going through your mind into perspective. Explanation of the classroom lectures, that I have had the honor of hearing in person, are extremely helpful in understanding the mindset of the creative. If you know one, or are one and need help in understanding how you can master you inner talent, reading this book is the start of one of the most important rules. Research, research, research.
— Christopher Fuchs
I am the mother of a young artist. My background in engineering did little to prepare me for this wondrous child who I have struggled to understand. I have read several books on this subject, but they were both dry and offered little insight. This book, however, finally opened my eyes to the amazing way my son thinks and experiences the world. This book is so chock full of information I plan on reading it again, this time armed with a highlighter. I cannot overstate the peace of mind this information has given me as it is such a blessing to finally understand my child and be able to pass along the wisdom and advice this book contains. I also love the style in which it is written - as the blog of a community college art student. My only suggestion is that the authors consider writing a similar book geared toward middle-school students. Fantastic book!
— Laura Anderson, mother of a young artist