Created product pages for an enterprise big data software company. Work included UX design of the product pages, motion graphics, and videos. The added videos saw a 25% increase in site traffic the first 6 months. 

DEsign of Product Pages

I designed the product pages with the marketing team. I worked with the usability team to conduct customer surveys to develop the IA work for these pages, which split into Overview, Features, White Papers, and so on.

Clients use Kinetic Data software to improve internal business processes, reducing the workload for IT groups by enabling departmental managers to design and manage their own business processes and empowering employees to place and monitor requests online rather than calling the help desk.
— Brett Jones, Marketing Manager

Created Storyboard for Product Videos

I created several storyboards to help key stakeholders envision the videos they wanted me to produce to showcase their products. I wrote the script, designed the motion graphics, and hired voice talent. But, it all started with the storyboards.

Big Data Product VIdeos

I designed 18 videos for the product pages and the marketing team. I used Adobe After Effects to create the motion graphics. The goal of the videos was to make big data exciting, fun, and simple. I ended up hiring the voice talent for the videos, too.