ANaLYTICs UX Overview

Created a website and interactive demo for an analytics company. UX work included sketches, information architecture, user interviews, and digital assets. Live demo page shows potential customers how to use the product.

UX Sketches for The site

Worked with key stakeholders to create a series of UX sketches for the home page and all landing pages to overhaul the site. The sketches were used in customer interviews to determine the information architecture of the site and the actual design, too.

ux sketching.jpg
I enjoyed working with J. Schuh on developing the overall UX of our company’s site. His UX sketches were used in team meetings to help us visually think through our initial conversations.
— Crystal Bolander, Project Manager

interactive DEMO of the Product

To add some sizzle to the site, I created an interactive demo with call out balloons to specific features. The interactive demo walks potential customers through the entire user experience with the product.  Trainers used it for existing customers, too.

FINAL Design of the site

I worked with the design team to create the different digital assets that would go on the site, which included buttons, images, pop-ups, videos, and more. The team was co-located in different parts of the country.  We collaborated using Google Hangouts.